UK's Commonwealth Stadium is Finished!

Posted by Jordan Farley

Jul 19, 2016 4:23:39 PM


Last month I wrote an update blog on UK's Commonwealth Stadium. We were in the midst of adding backrests to the lower bowl stadium seating. Well, I am happy to announce that we are finished!

Below is a before and after pictures of the endzone:



As I said in the last blog post, last year we installed backrests to a portion of the lower bowl, so this year, the powers that be at UK came back and asked us to outfit the remaining lower bowl with backrests. As you can see from the pictures the backrests have changed the complete look of Commonwealth Stadium.

If you would like more information on how we can help you design your next set of indoor/outdoor bleachers or have questions about athletic equipment, please call 877-211-6925 or visit our website at and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.


 Below are photos of the completed seating project at Commonwealth Stadium




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UK's Commonwealth Stadium Update

Posted by Jordan Farley

Jun 9, 2016 10:34:18 AM


Here at Toadvine Enterprises we are entering our busiest time of the year. We have several indoor bleacher jobs and outdoor stadium seating jobs on schedule as well as several maintenance and inspections on athletic facilities throughout the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana and Ohio.

One of the bigger jobs we have going at the moment is the addition of backrests to the lower bowl of the University of Kentucky's Commonwealth Stadium. Last year we installed backrests to a portion of the lower bowl, so this year, the powers that be at UK came back and asked us to outfit the remaining lower bowl with backrests. We are excited as it will not only add comfort to the fans in attendance but also change the look of the stadium by adding more color.

We enjoy our great relationship with the University of Kentucky and look forward to many more projects with them! If you would like more information on how we can help you design your next set of bleachers or have questions about athletic equipment, please call 877-211-6925 or visit our website at and one of our sales representatives will be happy to assist you.


 Below is an update photo from the jobsite. As you can see in the picture the sections in the far endzone are nearing completion.Commonwealth_Stadium_Update_Photo_6-8-16-789554-edited.jpg

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Angle Frame Bleachers from Toadvine

Posted by Matt Roberts

Dec 11, 2013 2:00:00 AM

angle frame bleacher from Toadvine

From football and baseball, to track and field and swim meets, angle frame bleachers are the most cost effective seating for all spectator sports. Because of their lower cost and ability to be quickly constructed, angle frame bleachers are the top choice for many high school sports organizations.

The permanent angle frame bleachers offer maximum strength and low maintenance cost for the budget-minded owner and also provides the freedom of expansion as your seating needs grow. The elevated and non-elevated angle bleacher versions are two different options that can be combined with a variety of decking, seating, and railing possibilities in either hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminum understructure.

Galvanized steel is the most durable understructure available while the aluminum understructure offers a light weight, low maintenance alternative. The understructure, seats, seat backs, and risers can be powder coated in several finish colors to give your facility a more customized look.

Angle frame bleachers are designed to be portable, but can be made permanent by anchoring them to a concrete slab or strip footing. In addition to all of the varying design potential of the angle frame bleacher, it is also an affordable, cost effective way to meet the seating needs of your organization.

Contact Toadvine Enterprises and find out if angle frame bleachers would be a good fit for your school or organization. Contact us for a free consultation and a quote on seating for your facility. We have bleachers covered from every angle.


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Recessed Telescopic Bleachers

Posted by Matt Roberts

Oct 30, 2013 10:41:00 AM

Recessed telescopic bleachers Toadvine EnterprisesOne of the most traditional bleacher seating systems is the retractable or recessed bleacher which is generally used in sporting facilities to provide a tiered seating structure which enhances audience experience. This style system utilizes a pocket in the wall to house the bleacher when closed. The bleacher is hidden away from sight, generally under a balcony or mezzanine when the area is needed for other purposes. Each platform conveniently stores under the one above it for a minimizing storage area.

Recessed bleachers require a minimal clearance to fit comfortably under a balcony overhang. Maximum usable floor space is utilized when bleachers are stacked. This system is available with seating options up to 24 rows. Upper and lower tracking guides and removable end rails can accommodate custom transition steps to the balcony when required. Some of the other advantages of the recessed seating include:

  • Optimum use of facility space
  • Savings on land and building cost
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Fast and resourceful seating arrangements
  • Comfort and optimum viewing for patrons

Each tiered platform is durably constructed and retracts into the wall at the touch of a button. These systems can be customized to meet the ongoing and changing needs of sporting venues while maximizing capacity. 

To get a quote on recessed telescopic bleachers for your facility, click here

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Severe Weather Can Be Damaging and Costly for Bleachers

Posted by Matt Roberts

Sep 13, 2013 8:06:00 PM

toadvine sports equipment

Severe weather and exposure caused a host of problems for South Point High School stadium in Belmont, North Carolina. After an intense inspection, the bleachers showed signs of distress from weather damage and were deemed unsafe. This determination threatened graduation ceremonies last year and cost the school district in excess of $500,000 to make repairs.

Regular inspections of those bleachers could have caught that damage before it became threatening to the safety of spectators and sports fans. Instead, an unforeseen inspection by the district's insurance company shut down the stadium for graduation and even created uncertainty that the repairs would be complete in time for football season to begin.

Kentucky and Southern Indiana also experience severe weather patterns similar to those in Belmont each season. We’ve had flash flooding, damaging winds, and severe thunderstorms. That severe weather could be bad news for outdoor sports equipment and grandstand seating.

In order to protect your facility's grandstand seating, Toadvine Enterprises not only provides and installs your grandstand seating, we also service it. If you have a question about the safety of your bleachers, contact us for a complete safety inspection. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are a number of ways you can get in touch with us and set up an appointment:

We look forward to making sure your seating and equipment is safe and in good working condition.

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Selecting Proper Bleacher Seating

Posted by Chris Toadvine

Sep 6, 2013 12:41:00 PM

Hosting a sporting event is likbleacher sales in louisville, kye planning a party. You have to know how many people may come, if you are going to have enough seats for them all, and the most practical way to accommodate them all. Designing a facility and selecting your bleacher seating involves all of those decisions, but once the decision is made it is more permanent. Because your bleachers may last up to 30 years, there are some other important factors to take into consideration before making that final choice.

During its lifetime, bleachers will be used by thousands of fans and spectators, so it is critical to become familiar with the local and national safety-related guidelines and codes. Before the purchase, smart owners will also weigh the importance of capacity needs, the permanence of seating areas, and the type of audience that will be served. Target demographics should be highly evaluated when purchasing new seats.

If your school needs seating for occasional events and cannot leave rows of stadium seats in place permanently because of space restrictions, you may consider smaller bleachers and telescoping seats that can be wheeled out quickly and pushed back out of the way. Sporting clubs that cater to younger audiences may be able to get away with basic bleachers without wide aisles and seat backs.

Typical bleacher sectionsconsist of 2 to 15 rows with row lengths ranging from 7.5-30 feet for small popular models. Planks can be spliced together to form longer systems in most any length extending the seating capacity to 10-10,000 people. These "tiered" or "stepped" surfaces are available in a variety of configurations. Toadvine Enterprises offers a variety of seating selections to best meet the needs of your organization. Here are some of the options we provide:
  • Football and Baseball Bleachers
  • Basketball Bleachers
  • Soccer Bleachers
  • Portable Bleachers
  • Stadium Bleachers
  • Aluminum Bleachers
  • Gym Bleachers
  • Wooden Bleachers
  • High School Bleachers
  • Telescopic Bleachers
For more information on seating and bleacher options for your facility, visit the front of our homepage and get a quick quote or more information on how you can secure the best seats in the house for your next sporting event.

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Your Football End-Zone Pre-Season Checklist

Posted by Matt Roberts

May 23, 2013 12:02:00 PM

Cleveland has the Dawg Pound. It is the place the die hard fans cheer their beloved team across the goal line. The NFL is notorious for entertaining touchdown celebrations. Some of the most dramatic football finishes have not been touchdowns, but instead were field goals from 63 yards with 2 seconds on the clock, like Jack Dempsey's famous game winning kick. These dramatic field goals would be impossible without one crucial piece of equipment; the goal post.

Football equipment goal postsThe goal post has gone through several transformations throughout the years. All of these improvements and new features are available for you and your football facility, and Toadvine Enterprises gives you the highest quality and affordability. So while your program is concentrating on the roster and recruiting, don't forget to check off your end-zone equipment needs.

We carry an assortment of goals that will meet your specific needs and budget. We have many H-style goal posts, combination football/soccer goal posts, and gooseneck single pole base goal posts that come in aluminum or steel construction. We also carry the Revolution goal post that rotates 180 degrees so it does not interfere with other sports needs on the same field. 

If you need a new ground sleeve or plated system we can walk you through the products that will best meet your needs. Give us a call today at (502) 241-6010 and knock out your end-zone checklist so you can focus on things that really matter, like winning!

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Evolution of Sports Seating

Posted by Matt Roberts

Apr 30, 2013 3:01:00 PM

Long gone for most sports facilities are the days of creeky wooden bleachers and the flip score board manned by rotating students. The basic requirements of most facilities have not changed much since the days of Roman amphitheaters and arenas; easy and safe access to the facility, a comfortable place to sit, and a good view of the game. Sports arenas of today need to offer these basic benefits but now have more options than ever to appease, entertain, and entice fans back to their facility.  

Kentucky stadium seatingGymnasium seating options are numerous. Classic wood is still an option for those seeking the traditional look. For a look that adds a huge visual boost to your facility, telescopic seating can utilize the bleacher system with bleachers opening in the forward direction and the option to display school lettering or team colors. Sculpture seat modules feature solid color seating which is high strength and fade resistant. These seats are available in 15 standard colors to sport team spirit. When seeking a way to honor special boosters or sponsors, consider the VIP wide deck platform with platform chairs when you need a highly functional system with comfortable chairs and wide rows to move around in. For the ultra modern arena cupholders, cushioned seats, and even the ability to order food from an electronic device right from your seat, are the newest in innovations for sports fanatics.

Stadium seating has evolved in the outdoor arena also, with ergonomically-designed flip up seats and lumbar support now available. Wide selections of colors can be alternated and interspersed to visually sport team pride. Sponsorship can now also be secured on stadium seating to honor special donors and designate specific seating areas. 

To find out what seating options are available for your sports facility, fill out the contact us spot on the website and a member of our team will get back with you to discuss your seating options.

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Generating Money for Your School

Posted by Matt Roberts

Apr 19, 2013 2:22:00 PM

Everyone loves to see their name in lights and your sporting facility may be just the place for them to do that. Advertisers and sponsors deserve a special spot of prominence at your facility and Toadvine Enterprises can help you honor those important people and businesses. 

Kentucky athletic equipmentYou can give dedicated sponsors and important donors that guaranteed exposure by offering them their choice of advertising opportunities around your school sporting facility. Ad space is available on signs, stadium seating, score boards, and numerous spots throughout your school and will help generate opportunities for schools to offset the cost of new equipment and installation. Not only will the aesthetic appeal of the banners and signs generate visual appeal, they will also generate revenue for schools looking to boost their athletic dollars. Most of the time, the space used for the advertisement is space that would go unused without the dedicated sponsorship. 

Here are the top 10 places within a school sports facility that a school can utilize visually appealing advertising to generate funds for their athletic department.

  1. Colosseum Chairs – Instead of a number on the seat, place the donor name on the seat for special recognition.
  2. VIP Seating – Select a special section to be recognized for special donors or groups and increase their game day comfort with unique additions like arm rests and special seat backs.
  3. Banner Rail – Utilize unused space on your colosseum with the touch of a remote and roll up or down the special message of your sponsor.
  4. AdMesh Banners – Vinyl coated, weather resistant banners are perfect for capturing the attention of outdoor sports fans.
  5. Concourse Banners – Capture the attention of pedestrians with concourse banners as they walk around the perimeter of your facility. 
  6. Grandstand Banners – Take advantage of any unused space with banners that honor and promote your advertisers.
  7. Vertical Banners – As patrons walk to and from the concession stand and the restrooms, these vertical banners will catch their attention.
  8. Field Level Ads – As the most visible position on a field, utilize the sidelines, fences and walls at eye level to become the focal point of your grandstand, field or arena. 
  9. Loge Boxes – Give advertisers a special place to pamper guests in a place specially designated and enhanced for their game viewing pleasure.  
  10. Aisle and Stair Risers – Every person attending a game must ascend a set of stairs to get to their seat, capitalize on this fact by placing your sponsors name in bold colors for everyone to see.

Think you can't afford stadium seating? Consider the amount of advertising dollars you could generate from donors and sponsors that will actually see their name in lights at every game they attend. Most of these themes can be incorporated into existing facilities, but if you would like to explore the opportunity of generating more advertising dollars in conjunction with installing stadium seating, contact us for more ideas on how we can assist you.

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Bleacher Safety Concerns Date Back More than 20 Years

Posted by Matt Roberts

Apr 16, 2013 2:08:00 PM

After six-year-old Toby Lee fell between a 13-inch gap between the footboard and the seat of a bleacher set at a community sports area in Minnesota and died of his injuries, legislators decided to pursue greater scrutiny in the area of bleacher safety. 

high school bleacher inspectionsIn 1999, after the the tragic death of Toby Lee, Congress petitioned the Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue national safety standards for bleacher and grandstand facilities due to numerous injuries to children at basketball and hockey arenas resulting from falls between the gaps of bleacher seats and guardrails.

Congress stated in a letter to the CPSC that uniform national standards were needed to help efforts at the state level to prevent injuries and deaths due to poorly designed or out of date bleacher facilities. The recommended national standards to be implemented were to include:

  • Minimum spacing requirements for gaps between bleacher guardrails and between seats and footboards for new construction

  • Side and back safety features

  • Guidelines for retro-fitting older facilities

Although Congress emphasized the importance of watchful parents during sporting events, they also stated the responsibility venues have to insure that their facilities are safe. The desire for safer facilities not only locally, but nationwide, created the desire to press for strengthening safety standards legislatively in order to quickly inact the establishment of safe bleacher standards.   

House Bill H.R. 836 was created in 1999 and entitled, “The Bleacher Safety Act” proclaiming that new and safer standards would be adopted within six months. Minnesota was the first state that required the issuing of this federal standard.

To help your school meet those required safety standards, Toadvine Enterprises has created Vine & Branch, a maintenance and safety inspection program for all your indoor and outdoor seating equipment. Our maintenance and safety program can help you maintain your required annual inspections and can also help you with any upgrades or written records. For more information on keeping your school bleachers safe, fill out our Maintenance and Safety form and a member of our staff will get back to you. Let Toadvine help you keep safety the name of the game.

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