The Alum-A-Stand Bleacher Seating System

Posted by Matt Roberts

Dec 1, 2013 5:32:00 AM

bleacher seating in louisville, kyFrom portable bleachers to bleacher solutions that accommodate high school and collegiate outdoor facilities, the Alum-A-Stand bleacher seating system is engineered for maximum strength and durability and can be configured to a wide variety of applications.

When deciding which seating system best fits the needs of your stadium or outdoor facility, here are some advantages of the Alum-A-Stand bleacher to consider before making your decision:
  • Powder coated riserboards offer enhanced aesthetics from the front and rear of the bleacher.
  • A fully closed decking system virtually eliminates underside
  • Tube and channel under-structure offer increased strength and
  • All aluminum construction eliminates the risk of rust.
  • Construction with bolted extrusions, containing no welded parts susceptible to breakage.
There are many advantages to choosing the Alum-A-Stand bleacher seating as opposed to the conventional angle frame bleachers, but the most significant advantage is the all aluminum tube and channel under-structure that makes this system five times stronger and 10 times stiffer than conventional bleachers.

The bolt-through seat boards and snap-into-place footboards eliminate the hassle of using clips to fasten the footboards and seat boards. This bleacher gives you a true fully-closed bleacher deck and aisle way with no openings which allows for maximum safety for spectators.

The Alum-A-Stand bleacher has been labeled, "the safest, most durable bleacher seating or grandstand available." Click here to request a quote or to learn more.

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Last Minute Football Equipment and Accessory Needs

Posted by Matt Roberts

Aug 28, 2013 1:04:00 PM

Kentucky athletic equipmentAfter running hundreds of plays, ramming a multitude of helmets, and dripping endless sweat after a full season of sweltering practices, the lights on the football field are slated to come on and spotlight the players who have worked feverishly to get here.

They come suited up; jerseys crisp, helmets tightly snapped, and footballs firmly prepared for the big game. Fortunately, with the help of Toadvine Enterprises, all equipment and accessory needs for the football season were ordered and met just in time for that first game whistle.

Make sure your school is prepared and your locker rooms are decked out with all the equipment you need to outscore the other team this football season. Toadvine provides all your school's equipment and accessory needs. If you have any last minute orders or need to replace some worn out equipment, Toadvine can take care of your school's sporting good needs. We solve all your equipment needs. First time. Every time.

Visit our homepage and hit the 'click here for help' button if you need a quick solution for your athletic equipment. We have a 24 hour guaranteed response. That's our promise.

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Generating Money for Your School

Posted by Matt Roberts

Apr 19, 2013 2:22:00 PM

Everyone loves to see their name in lights and your sporting facility may be just the place for them to do that. Advertisers and sponsors deserve a special spot of prominence at your facility and Toadvine Enterprises can help you honor those important people and businesses. 

Kentucky athletic equipmentYou can give dedicated sponsors and important donors that guaranteed exposure by offering them their choice of advertising opportunities around your school sporting facility. Ad space is available on signs, stadium seating, score boards, and numerous spots throughout your school and will help generate opportunities for schools to offset the cost of new equipment and installation. Not only will the aesthetic appeal of the banners and signs generate visual appeal, they will also generate revenue for schools looking to boost their athletic dollars. Most of the time, the space used for the advertisement is space that would go unused without the dedicated sponsorship. 

Here are the top 10 places within a school sports facility that a school can utilize visually appealing advertising to generate funds for their athletic department.

  1. Colosseum Chairs – Instead of a number on the seat, place the donor name on the seat for special recognition.
  2. VIP Seating – Select a special section to be recognized for special donors or groups and increase their game day comfort with unique additions like arm rests and special seat backs.
  3. Banner Rail – Utilize unused space on your colosseum with the touch of a remote and roll up or down the special message of your sponsor.
  4. AdMesh Banners – Vinyl coated, weather resistant banners are perfect for capturing the attention of outdoor sports fans.
  5. Concourse Banners – Capture the attention of pedestrians with concourse banners as they walk around the perimeter of your facility. 
  6. Grandstand Banners – Take advantage of any unused space with banners that honor and promote your advertisers.
  7. Vertical Banners – As patrons walk to and from the concession stand and the restrooms, these vertical banners will catch their attention.
  8. Field Level Ads – As the most visible position on a field, utilize the sidelines, fences and walls at eye level to become the focal point of your grandstand, field or arena. 
  9. Loge Boxes – Give advertisers a special place to pamper guests in a place specially designated and enhanced for their game viewing pleasure.  
  10. Aisle and Stair Risers – Every person attending a game must ascend a set of stairs to get to their seat, capitalize on this fact by placing your sponsors name in bold colors for everyone to see.

Think you can't afford stadium seating? Consider the amount of advertising dollars you could generate from donors and sponsors that will actually see their name in lights at every game they attend. Most of these themes can be incorporated into existing facilities, but if you would like to explore the opportunity of generating more advertising dollars in conjunction with installing stadium seating, contact us for more ideas on how we can assist you.

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Don’t Jump Through Hurdles to Find Your Track and Field Equipment

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jan 22, 2013 8:13:00 AM

A massive crowd of thousands has gathered. Spectators fill the coliseum as a collective roar of excitement fills the air. Athletes from around the world have come together in Athens for the first modern Olympic Games. Only the finest have been chosen, those at the top of their game.

All focus has shifted to the track and field events. Those with lightning speed skill and unprecedented agility will come out on top. The year is 1896. The wooden hurdles are set in place and embedded in the ground. Perfect jumping ability and running skill moves the winner through the first ever 110-meter hurdle event at a record time of 17.6 seconds. 

More than 100 years later, Aries Merritt utilizes his running ability to sprint, hurdle, and sprint again, maintaining steady momentum and keeping a steady center of gravity to clear 10 hurdles in the 110 meter race at a new record time of 12.8 seconds.

Kentucky athletic equipmentJust as progression has been made in the skill of talented athletes, progress has also been made in the design, make up, and functionality of competitive hurdles. Ancient wooden hurdles have since been replaced by L-shaped frames with integrated counter balances which allow hurdles to fall over with pressure and eliminate the risk of injury. More durable materials are used, along with features that allow the hurdle to be adjusted to different heights. If you are searching for track and field equipment options, here are a few hurdles offered by Toadvine Enterprises that will exceed your technological expectations and leap you into competitive excellence. 

  • Gill Continuum Automatic Hurdle – This is considered the safest, fastest and most unobtrusive hurdle available for use in any competitive arena. 

  • National Aluminum Hurdle – Made of aircraft aluminum, this high-tech hurdle is adjustable to 5 different heights. 

  • Elite High School Hurdle – Constructed of aluminum tube construction, this hurdle has welded support for extreme durability 

  • Gill Essentials Hurdle – The most economical hurdle made with no pull-over technology, this no frills equipment is perfect for a start up high school track and field team.

Toadvine Enterprises supplies sporting equipment of all kinds to schools and facilites in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio. Contact us for more information about our Track and Field equipment. 

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Meeting Your “Goals”: Discovering the Specifics of Glass Basketball Backboards

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jan 18, 2013 2:01:00 PM

Selecting the right basketball goal can be a slam-dunk if you know what you are looking for before you start shopping. It's also helpful to know what options are available when putting together a complete package for your basketball facility.

Kentucky basketball equipmentThe most widely used basketball goal in the industry for indoor basketball is the center strut rectangular glass backboard. This type of a goal is mounted to the ceiling in the center of the goal with a 3 or 4-point support attachment. Ceilings with heights from 25-60 feet can be accommodated with this goal. Since its inception in the 1950s, the center strut backboard has been improved upon and made more strong and durable over the years. It is constructed with a tubular steel brace and one-half inch tempered glass. The steel mounted plate on the support attachment creates incredible backboard strength and prevents backboard damage. This goal is made for all types of sporting audiences including, elementary, high school, college, church and recreational players. Generally, this 72x42 inch goal weighs approximately 240 pounds. 

To add to the aesthetically pleasing look of the center strut backboard, the addition of LED lights can magnify the experience of your sporting event. LED lights are neatly contained and mounted inside the backboard perimeter. The lights are designed cleanly so that they do not block the view from behind the goal or interfere with play.

These lights are used in conjunction with a light synchronizer that connects the LED lights to the facility shot clock, main scoreboard and power supplies. Lights turn off and on with a signal sent from the scoreboard or shot clock to indicate when each period of playing time ends. They also illuminate when the game clock display is zero or when the end of game horn or the shot clock horn sounds. These timing system enhancers are also helpful to officials who can more easily determine validity of last minute shots at the buzzer.

Having a state-of-the-art basketball goal can certainly enhance the overall experience of your school fans, as they can be more visually involved in the specific timing of the game. If you want to know whether these basketball backboard items will meet your school’s needs contact Toadvine, your sporting equipment provider for Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Ohio.

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Sports Facility Design, Eyes For Detail

Posted by Matt Roberts

Nov 29, 2012 11:31:00 AM

Kentucky athletic equipment We provide nearly every product you could possibly need for your sports complex or facility. More than that, we design sports facilities from simple to complex. We provide our clients with more than seating design and basketball and football goal placement. We walk with you through the design-build process to the installation and completion of the project.

Anyone can design a rectangular building, throw bleachers against the wall, and install a few hoops with a scoreboard attached to the wall. It requires a company like Toadvine Enterprises to consider the detail of how every fixture and piece of equipment should complement the function of the whole facility. We have been in sports facilities where 20 percent of the spectators had their view of the scoreboard or the athletes blocked by the scoreboard or some other facility component. Subtle changes in design can make the user experience improve dramatically. Considering how spectators enter and exit a facility, or how they access concessions and restrooms can make a huge impact on the performance of your facility. Most people do not expect their facility to serve them well, beyond  it being a place to a house a sporting event. What if the experience of the event was drastically improved? What would that mean to your program?

Knowing what works and what doesn't is an art and a science. We have every detail in mind when we design a sports facility. We have to consider the spectator experience and at the same time the environment we are creating for the athlete. Everything has to work together to exceed expectations.  That is the main reason we have partnered with the companies we have. They share our commitment to excellence and innovation. Companies like Nevco, Porter, Gill Athletics, Interkal, Dant Clayton, Seating Concepts, and List Industries. We have to be selective because we are only as good as the product and service we can offer our clients. Choose more for your facility design and improvements, choose Toadvine Enterprises.  

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The Debate of Making Cheerleading a Sport

Posted by Matt Roberts

Nov 20, 2012 4:47:00 PM

Toadvine EnterprisesPom-poms and ponytails make up only a portion of what cheerleaders do today. Standing on the sidelines and chanting a catchy phrase used to get the job done in a crazy fanatical crowd, but today flipping and throwing girls in the air is just part of the routine.

Because of the increase in skill and potentially dangerous stunts cheerleaders are performing today, there is a movement by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other concerned groups to designate cheerleading as a sport to improve the safety rules and create better supervision over the sport.

In a statement released this month, the AAP says that there needs to be better awareness about the rigors and risks of high school and college cheerleading so that cheerleaders can be subject to on-line athletic trainers, limits on practice times, and better qualified coaches. 

Although the overall injury rate is lower than in girls participating in soccer, gymnastics, or field hockey, the rate of catastrophic injury which includes skull fractures and paralyzing spine injuries, is much higher.

Some schools have safety recommendations for high school and college cheerleading which includes limiting the height of a pyramid in high school to two and restricting routines including pyramids, tossing, or tumbling to be performed away from hard surfaces. Although these guidelines are helpful, many physicians and team leaders would like to see this mandated to keep cheerleaders safer. 

This movement just recently ran into a major obstacle in August of 2012 when the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that cheerleading can not be considered a sport. For cheerleading to be considered a sport, it must have coaches, practices, competitions during a defined season and a governing organization. The key to this ruling was that cheerleaders don’t usually have competition as their primary goal, so they cannot be considered a sport. 

Health professionals and sports advocates will continue to push for this safety regulation because they see the long-term benefits of it for those involved. For now, cheerleaders will have to develop careful individual standards.

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Football Accessories No School Can Do Without

Posted by Matt Roberts

Oct 30, 2012 1:02:00 PM

Louisville athletic equipmentDo you have a multi-use athletic field? If you are planning on combining your soccer and football programs on one field, we have the perfect solution. You should consider the "Revolutionary Goal Post" which can rotate a full 180 degrees. One person can turn the goal in less than a minute. It will lock in the forward or reverse position. It is fully secure and tamper proof, and uses two padlocks per goal. The day after the football game you can turn the goal away from the field and have your soccer match without the interference of the goal. 

We have a wide variety of H-Style football goal posts, standard goal posts, steel and aluminum, and even the combination Football Goal Post/Soccer Goal in a wide variety of sizes and options. Don't let your budget stop you from getting the goals your programs need. Call us today and we can walk you through some great options.

Every program should have their school name prominently displayed throughout their facilities. We can customize football goal post pads for your program. There are 14 colors available and you can add the special flare to the field that has been missing. 

Don't forget the small but important end-zone pylons. These bottom-weighted markers require no additional hardware to install, and will move when an athlete comes in contact. They come in sets of four and help the officials make the crucial close calls. We also carry spring loaded pylons. They work best for natural grass and will stand true for all to see. All our pylons meet NCAA and NFHS rules. 

Call us today with your football accessories needs. 

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Getting Creative With Nevco Scoreboards

Posted by Matt Roberts

Oct 10, 2012 9:23:00 AM

Nevco scoreboardsDid you know that Toadvine Enterprises can help you customize your scoreboard? We can help you piece together a scoreboard that is right for you based on your budget. And now is a great time to start thinking about a new scoreboard for your facility. We are running a special on scoreboards: buy two indoor scoreboards and receive a free indoor school name sign. This offer is valid through November 16.

Here are some trends we're seeing in the scoreboard arena: 
  • Many facilities are adding protective nets and screens. It may not happen often, but an object can strike the scoreboard causing damage to the lighting or the overall functionality. Putting up a net or screen in front of your scoreboard is a simple measure many are taking to protect their investment.
  • Electronic team names are becoming very popular, especially for facilities that host tournaments where it may be confusing who the home and guest teams are. 
  • Custom caption plates are another way to differentiate which team is which. You can have caption plates made that are easily removed from the scoreboard and can be rearranged for every game. It is a simple change out.
  • Nevco has created cable switcher systems that allow score keepers to score multiple games at the same time. Suppose you have two or three basketball games or volleyball matches happening simultaneously. Now you have a system that will let you access many score boards at the same time. This system is for wired systems only and are ideal for larger facilities with multiple courts.

For more information about Toadvine's scoreboard special, contact us today.

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Scoreboard Testing and Advertising Space

Posted by Matt Roberts

Sep 20, 2012 10:40:00 AM

Kentucky athletics Testing your scoreboard before the start of the season is critical. No one wants to show up on game day to realize that there are issues with their scoreboard. Test it now so you can get a jump on any possible repairs or maintenance issues. Here are a few tips that can help you extend the life of your scoreboard and scoreboard accessories:


  • Turn off the power to the scoreboard and controller after use. 
  • Disconnect power adapters and cables if you leave the controller in a secured scorer’s position. (prevents lightning strike from damaging other devices)
  • Store controllers and radio equipment in a dry place, especially in off-season.
  • Protect controllers and radio equipment from becoming wet while in use. 
  • Take care to protect cables and power adapters from becoming tangled and out of the way of traffic at the scorer’s stand.
  • Always turn off the power or disconnect power cords to any electrical device before servicing. 

Aside from these scoreboard maintenance and safety tips, a lot of schools are also starting to take advantage of the advertising space provided on most scoreboards, maximizing the available real estate. There are a whole host of new and traditional scoreboards from Nevco that create prized advertising space. These advertising spaces can pay for the new equipment and create an increased professional feel to your facility. Check out the gallery of scoreboards from Nevco.  

Contact Toadvine Enterprises for more information about maintenance or safety issues, as well as questions about your scoreboard's ad space. 

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