Enhancing the Educational Experience With Proper PE Equipment

Posted by Matt Roberts

Aug 22, 2014 12:57:00 PM

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If Physical Education at your school consists of a whistle and 40 minutes of free time, you could be depriving young children of reaching critical developmental milestones and the opportunity to excel academically.

Researchers with Project SPARK (Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids) experimented with equipment items of varying sizes, shapes, weights and textures to determine if they could foster greater inclusion, activity, and enjoyment during school PE classes in the students. Equipment in each school's physical education program was found to be a critical component of a quality physical education, not only because recreational supplies needed to be provided in sufficient quantities for students to participate, but also because the PE equipment was helpful in differentiating instruction, increasing the levels of student participation and their enjoyment of PE. Adequate and diverse recreational supplies and equipment for PE classes were also proven to build self-confidence.

The study also revealed the benefits of having age-appropriate equipment and its effect on several other non-health related outcomes such as:

  • teamwork - culture building and collaboration
  • retention - when students enjoy PE more they participate at higher levels and want to be in school
  • academic achievement - SPARK research also shows that students spending more time in SPARK PE and less time in the classroom will do as well or better with standardized test scores.

Is your school prepared with a variety of age-appropriate, visually appealing PE equipment that will keep your school-age kids stimulated and engaged? If you need some ideas to get started, click here. If it's time to bump up or begin your school's PE supply closet, we will be happy to help your school develop a supply of equipment for any size budget.

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Last Minute Football Equipment and Accessory Needs

Posted by Matt Roberts

Aug 28, 2013 1:04:00 PM

Kentucky athletic equipmentAfter running hundreds of plays, ramming a multitude of helmets, and dripping endless sweat after a full season of sweltering practices, the lights on the football field are slated to come on and spotlight the players who have worked feverishly to get here.

They come suited up; jerseys crisp, helmets tightly snapped, and footballs firmly prepared for the big game. Fortunately, with the help of Toadvine Enterprises, all equipment and accessory needs for the football season were ordered and met just in time for that first game whistle.

Make sure your school is prepared and your locker rooms are decked out with all the equipment you need to outscore the other team this football season. Toadvine provides all your school's equipment and accessory needs. If you have any last minute orders or need to replace some worn out equipment, Toadvine can take care of your school's sporting good needs. We solve all your equipment needs. First time. Every time.

Visit our homepage and hit the 'click here for help' button if you need a quick solution for your athletic equipment. We have a 24 hour guaranteed response. That's our promise.

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