2016 Kickoff and Cheerful Givers

Posted by Jordan Farley

Feb 5, 2016 4:17:05 PM


We are excited to be hitting the ground running in 2016 here at Toadvine Enterprises. We have several employees who have taken on new roles with additional responsibilities and we even have added a few new team members, including myself. So excitement is in the air around our company as we prepare for a successful 2016 to attain our mission of delivering outstanding value to our customers as a total solutions provider of spectator seating and athletic equipment.

In 2016, we are working on further developing our culture at Toadvine Enterprises. As a part of this new initiative, we have started a campaign called "Cheerful Givers." Our "Cheerful Givers" program will be something that we will be focusing on throughout the year to give our employees a chance to extend a helping hand and give back to our community. It is important as a business not to forget your responsibility to help out the community that supports you.

Our first Cheerful Givers event took place during the Christmas season. It consisted of each team member receiving $50 from Toadvine at our company Christmas event in early December. Each employee was simply tasked with helping out someone in need during the Christmas holiday.

At our 2016 kick-off meeting  in January, we had each member of the Toadvine team share their stories of what they did with the $50. As we went around the room, it was rewarding to hear about people's lives that were touched in some small way at least for one day or for one Christmas season. We had several members of the team match the $50 company contribution with money out of their own pockets to purchase presents for children of underprivileged families for Christmas morning. One employee took his daughter to a shelter and let her give the money to a girl of similar age, and he said it turned into a great teaching moment for his daughter.  We had another team member buy a $200 Walmart gift card for a family who had their house destroyed in a tornado just before Christmas. We had an employee pay for the groceries of a family that was behind them without saying a word.  One of our employees even bought a friend who is suffering from a grim cancer diagnosis a book on the Christian's view of cancer in hopes that it would help him come to some closure with his diagnosis and his relationship with God.

 So whether we gave to families in need, made a child's Christmas special, surprised an un-expecting mother in line behind us at the grocery store, or tried to help a friend come to closure with the life that they have left on this earth, the initiative was to "act" and make someone's Christmas holiday just a little bit better. Hopefully, we accomplished our mission.

Look for more "Cheerful Givers" stories in 2016!

Jordan Farley

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