Porter's Powr-Rib II Volleyball System

Posted by Matt Roberts

Sep 27, 2011 2:38:00 PM

Porter’s Powr-Rib II VolleyballFor those of you looking for a new volleyball system, Porter’s Powr-Rib II Volleyball system is the ultimate indoor system. This system is designed for its strength and ease of set up, and the best part is, it comes at a competitive price. This system has all of the features you need to play competition volleyball, including:

  • Revolutionary design. The Powr-Rib II gets its name from its design. The volleyball end standards are constructed of high strength, lightweight aluminum extrusion which reduces the weight of the system incredibly. This allows for the ease of installation by the end user. Two reinforcing ribs are centered throughout the entire length of the uprights to increase strength and durability. The top and bottoms of the up rights are fitted with custom molded caps to protect the finish of the floor.
  • Quick-release tension straps. This helps to keep the cable from fraying and kinking, by not having to wrap around the winch drum. The functional, multi-sport use and the sliding collar allow for this system to be used in all men’s, women’s, and junior USVBA competition-height settings. This system can go further with its ability to also be converted into a tennis net system.
  • Height adjustment lock and net height markings. Collar instantly locks into place using a pressure lock T-handle which provides a positive locking feature at any height on the upright. The Powr-Winch net tension system is a positive disc brake release device which provides the most durable, safe, and simple net attachment system available.

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