Toadvine can help you develop any type of custom stadium structure without limiting your expectations. We work with you from project start to finish and provide the following capabilities:
• Design
• Engineering
• Steel Structures
• Press Boxes
• Egress Stairs & Ramps with Code Compliance
• Seating
• Railing
• Installation

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Seating on Concrete

Aluminum seating that installs economically on new or existing concrete structures
• Many different seating models/widths are available for installation on steel or concrete
• For greater seating comfort, many optional stadium chairs are available
• Matching backrests are also available


Hybrid Precast Stadium System

Precast walking surfaces on a steel structure with aluminum
• Fans experience the feel of a conventional precast structure at a reduced cost
• Half the weight of conventional precast with greatly reduced construction cost
• Works with standard bleacher benches, chairs, and any rail type
• Recent customer – Eastern Kentucky University Football Stadium

                                                                                                  Hybrid-Stadium-System Brochure 

Long Span Aluminum

Creates simplicity and cost savings with any stadium or arena structure
• Weighing less than 25% of comparable precast concrete riser units
• Aluminum is durable material and requires much less maintenance costs
• Recent customer – USTA Tennis Facility

                                                                                                              Long Span Aluminum