Is The Start As Important As The Finish?

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jan 15, 2013 3:11:00 PM

You have probably heard it said, "It's not how you start, but it's how you finish." Tell that to track athletes and they will all agree the start is just as important as the finish. If runners can improve their start times, they have just improved their chances of winning. Toadvine Enterprises carries several products that are designed just for that.

Kentucky athleticsA couple of products that will help with explosive starts are the Power Sprinter, the Dynamic Trainer, and the Pop Belt. The Power Sprinter is the only arm and leg resistance running backpedal device on the market. It is great because it doesn't require a partner. It builds strength in the arms and helps with arm technique, while simultaneously creating resistance to the legs at the ankles. 

The Dynamic Trainer has more variety and is not limited to helping athletes with their starts. You can also use this trainer for lateral work and jumps. It not only provides resistance, but is also designed to help runners improve their start through better acceleration mechanics.

Lastly, we are highlighting the Pop Belt which features break-away technology. When an athlete breaks out of the blocks using this device, they do not experience the overload and slowing from traditional resistance like the other devices create. When the trainer creates resistance it is only for a moment until the athlete breaks free through the force of their start. The resistance is not sustained because the cord breaks from the trainer once the break-away limit is reached. 

If you believe the start matters as much as the finish, then you should be training with the best equipment designed with the start in mind. It is all about coming out of the blocks explosively.

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