How to Generate Revenue with Your Athletic Facility

Posted by Matt Roberts

Mar 2, 2017 4:28:03 PM

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How to Generate Revenue with Your Athletic Facility

Find out how to increase your revenue by using multiple facets of your facility to not only pay for the upgrades, but also give your program’s finances a boost. Toadvine Enterprises strives to help each customer grow their athletic department to provide the best experience for both student-athletes and fans. If you find that your programs are pinching pennies, consider the follow options:

VIP Seating:

VIP Seating provides an excellent return on investment. Consider VIP Seating as part of a project to renovate an existing grandstand or a complete replacement of your outdoor stadium bleachers. VIP Seating not only can help you pay for your project, but also creates an ongoing revenue stream to help pay for program expenses. A local high school in Louisville, Kentucky took advantage of VIP seating to pay for a large stadium upgrade in 3 years. Avid fans and parents of your student-athletes will be quick to pay extra for an assigned, comfortable and convenient seat to watch their favorite athletic teams. Here is a list of attributes that will be provided through a VIP Seating investment:

  1. Increased revenue stream for premium seatingtrinity.jpg
  2. Comfortable Chair-back seating
  3. Generous amount of leg room
  4. Cup holders for added convenience
  5. Pre-paid season tickets will help you budget for the season
  6. Advertisement opportunities with name/company plates on seats


Investing in a new and upgraded scoreboard is another way to create revenue streams to pay for facility projects and ongoing program expenses. Your fan’s eyes are constantly glancing at the scoreboard almost as much as they are watching the actual game. With the purchase of a new scoreboard, local companies will be lining up to get their message on your board whether it be in video form or with scoreboard signage. Upgrading your scoreboard will more than pay for itself but also provide a better overall experience for all participscoreboard.jpgants.


Multi-Use Facility:

Use one of your school’s biggest investments to your advantage. Believe it or not, athletic teams are always looking for gym time, multiple times per week, to hold their practices. The demand for gym time is nowhere near the supply of gym space available. Most high school or middle school teams are finished with practice by 6 PM on most weekdays. Renting your facility for the remaining 4 hours of the evening could result in a significant revenue stream for your program. Here are some additional groups to consider for renting out your facility:

  1. Summer Camps/Clinics (All sports)
  2. 7 on 7 football tournaments
  3. Pre-season Jamborees (Basketball/volleyball)
  4. Weekly practice time (All sports)
  5. Charity Galas
  6. Professional Speakers


Idle space is one of the greatest ways to increase your athletic facility’s revenue. With reasonably inexpensive banners and other investments, it’s a no-brainer to take advantage the following popular areas of your facility where advertisements will have the most success:

  1. Entrance Gates
  2. Perimeter Fences
  3. Concessions
  4. Restrooms
  5. Ticket Stubs
  6. Soccer Advertising Boards
  7. Scoreboards
  8. Seating

Reserved Parking:

As an add-on to a season ticket package, offering reserved parking would not only increase the overall experience and convenience of attending games but also offer an additional source of revenue. Logistically, implementing a traffic control attendant to direct members to their reserved spot would also help the flow of traffic in an area full of children. Along with the safety aspect, creating a community in the parking lot, before the game, could greatly increase the community’s comradery and support of your team. Developing your fan base always increases revenue to help grow your program. Charging an easy $30 per season for reserved parking could bring in $2,000-$3,000 in additional revenue.



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Introducing Toadvine's Good Samaritan Initiative

Posted by Matt Roberts

Sep 23, 2011 9:08:00 AM

Toadvine's Good Samaritan ProjectIn case you haven’t seen or heard, there’s a new trend in high school and middle school athletics, VIP seating. It’s like what you see in college: a select section of the stands is devoted to VIP seating, with season tickets being sold for each seat.

The trend we’re starting to see in high school athletics—which is also a great fundraiser for the school—is installing a section of VIP seats and selling season tickets for these seats at a higher rate than normal admission to the game.

Toadvine Enterprises is very grateful and appreciative of our customers and their support over the years. We wanted to show our appreciation by giving back, so we’re launching our Good Samaritan Program. The mission of our Good Samaritan Program is to promote benevolence and compassion and encourage others to give back.

Here’s how it works: Whenever a school purchases VIP seating from Toadvine, we will buy two season tickets from that school to help with the fundraising efforts. The tickets will be given back to the school, and the school can then award the tickets to a good samaritan in their community. The good samaritan could be a teacher, parent, fan, or someone else deserving—it’s up to the school to decide.

This is where it gets even more fun. We’ve be created a Good Samaritan page on our website and will publish a “Good Samaritan of the week” post along with a picture, name of the school, and short write-up on that page.

We’re also encouraging you to get involved by posting pictures and stories about the good samaritan winner on our Facebook page.

All schools in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Southern Ohio can take part in the Good Samaritan Initiative, and we look forward to sharing your stories each week.

If you want to get involved, you can get started here.

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