Regular Bleacher Maintenance Less Costly than Repair

Posted by Matt Roberts

Apr 23, 2013 1:20:00 PM

Lacey Township High School officials in New Jersey never imagined the dilemma they would face on the evening of September 17, 2011 as a routine high school football game turned quickly into an investigation and the closing of a portion of the stadium. A game spectator broke through one of the stadium bleacher seats and although no injuries were reported, the stability of the stadium was in question and turned the future of Lacey Township High School upside down.

high school bleacher inspectionsA thorough investigation followed and structural engineers were called in to evaluate the future of the stadium seating. With the stadium closed for investigation, school officials were left scrambling wondering how to remedy this situation. As with most small athletic programs, funds were very tight and extent of the pending repair work could be more than their small budget could accommodate. 

This scenario in New Jersey is not uncommon. Athletic departments and school districts choose where their limited dollars will be spent and often routine stadium maintenance is either overlooked or eliminated and most schools take their chances on the structural stability of their facility and opt out of spending money on routine bleacher maintenance. As with the officials in Lacey Township, this can be a very risky and costly decision.

Toadvine Enterprises offers guaranteed safety and peace of mind with our maintenace and safety inspection program for all indoor and outdoor seating and equipment. Certified and trained manufacturer technicians perform visual inspections of your facility and/or school equipment which includes a detailed report of any findings or actions that need to be taken. Toadvine can perform your annually-required maintenance inspection and can provide yearly contracts that work around your needs.  

To secure the safety of your school families and patrons, let Toadvine perform the maintenance necessary to keep your school free from physical injuries or accidents. Fill out our Maintenance and Safety Interest Form to get started. 

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