Indoor Arena Seating: Stadium Chairs

Posted by Matt Roberts

Mar 14, 2014 10:23:00 AM

stadium seating louisville, kyKnowing that the fans at your sporting event will be on the edge of their seat—literally—it is important to provide durable quality and yet comfortable seating for them to enjoy the game.

Indoor chair seating provides a level of comfort for fans that supports your audience and also enhances your space. Indoor arena chairs are designed with premium materials, durable construction, and rigorous quality control. These sturdy, fixed seating chairs are designed to meet stringent standards for audience safety, durability, and also provide easy maintenance.

Fixed to your indoor arena wall in banks, telescopic platforms can include stadium chairs that can be upholstered or constructed from polymer. These chairs are designed to meet any unique seating challenges of a small to mid-size entertainment facility. Telescopic platforms can also incorporate the following features:

  • custom and variable rise
  • tapered sections
  • extruded aluminum decking
  • folding platform chairs

By choosing indoor arena chairs for all or part of your sports facility, you offer patrons a private viewing experience that is complemented with separating arm rests, flip down seats, and an ergonomically designed single piece seat. They can be installed in a designated section to provide VIP seating for parents, boosters and faculty or along an entire sideline for the home crowd.

For more information on how you can add stadium seating to your sports facility, contact Toadvine Enterprises and a member of our team will be glad to give you a quote.

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Basketball Bleachers: Team Color Coordination

Posted by Matt Roberts

Mar 7, 2014 4:26:00 PM

basketball bleachers in louisville, ky

With Interkal Indoor Telescopic Bleachers, your gymnasium can come alive with color when you install custom seating in your school colors. Made with polyethlene which resists stains and splintering, these sturdy bleachers can be installed in your choice of 15 colors with a variety of options including:

  • VIP chairs on a platform
  • wood bleachers (southern yellow pine)
  • custom seating arrangements such as corner seating
  • recessed systems
  • self-storing aisle rails
  • stadium chairs
  • much more

Our custom seating is durable, constructed of one-piece injection molded high strength polyethlene and molded-in solid color which will not fade or wear out. Each seat is 18" wide and anatomically-contoured to provide a minimum adult seat height of 16 1/2" to achieve greater spectator comfort and more leg room. The modular design delineates each seat space and allows for ease of replacement. These seats are easy to clean, with no debris traps or exposed hardware.

Click here for a bleacher quote, or if you would like us to contact you to discuss bleacher seating or team color integration in your sports facility.

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Basketball Bleacher Railing Systems

Posted by Matt Roberts

Feb 19, 2014 12:21:00 PM

bleacher systems louisville, ky

Whether you are purchasing bleachers to add that final finishing touch, or you want to keep your facility safe and secure, it is important for all sports facilities to check with their local code officers to be sure that any bleachers they purchase will meet recent safety regulations. Code sometimes dictates a handrail in order to comply with local code regulations. There have been instances recently of sports facilities upgrading their entire bleacher seating system simply because the railings did not meet the latest code. Insurance companies and risk management will require that.

If you are searching for railing systems to install in your sports facility, here are a few of the options available:

  • Fold and Stow Center Aisle Hand Rails. No tools required. Stores on the deck in closed position and rail rotates and snaps into place.
  • Self-Storing End Rails. These stylish rails are designed to meet the most stringent codes for rail loading and sphere passage.
  • Fixed Front and Rear Rails. These rails are an ideal solution for truncations, elevated front aisles, free standing, portables and reverse fold systems.
  • Center Aisle Hand Rails. Safety rails in this system include fixed, folding and removable options and feature a fully closed, safe design.

Contact Toadvine and let us quote you a price on adding rails to your sports facility.

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Basketball Bleachers Custom Seating Systems

Posted by Matt Roberts

Feb 12, 2014 1:56:00 PM

bleacher seating in louisville, ky

Have a challenging design in your basketball facility? That's not a problem. Toadvine Enterprises offers a variety of customized designs for your facility and for your seating that allow you to make the decisions. You will not be required to fit your facility around our design, but we will put our efforts into building our product around your design.

Whether you have an odd corner that needs a section of bleacher seating or need to comply with American Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for wheelchair seating, we can accommodate your basketball facility seating needs. Here are some additional challenges you may face in your sports facility:

  • Angle frame or I-beam?
  • Permanently anchored or transportable?
  • Elevated or non-elevated?
  • Custom press box?
  • Seat plank, chair back seats or both?
  • Open decking, semi-closed decking or enclosed interlocking decking?
  • Ramps, handrails, or stairs?
  • Handicap cutouts?
  • Colored riser board?
  • Heavy gauge chain link fencing or colored vinyl fencing?

No matter what logistical challenges you face, Toadvine has a team of designers and engineers with years of experience who can tackle those challenges head on and come up with a plan that meets all of your seating needs. Contact us if you have an indoor sports facility challenge, or would like a quote on seating for your arena.

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Recessed Basketball Bleachers from Toadvine Enterprises

Posted by Matt Roberts

Feb 5, 2014 11:48:00 AM

bleacher seating in louisville, ky

Retractable, or recessed bleachers, are one of the most traditional systems of seating for basketball arenas and school gymnasiums. This system utilizes a tiered seating structure and a pocket in the wall that houses the bleacher when closed. The bleacher is hidden away from sight, generally under a balcony or mezzanine when the seating area is needed for other purposes. Each platform conveniently stores under the one above it to create minimal storage area.

Only minimal clearance is required for the bleachers to fit comfortably under the balcony overhang. When bleachers are stacked, floor space is utilized to maximum capacity. This system is available with 24 rows. Upper and lower tracking guides and removable end rails can accommodate custom transition steps to the balcony when needed. Here are some additional advantages the recessed seating system can provide for your sports facility:

  • Optimum use of facility space
  • Savings on land and building cost
  • Increased revenue potential
  • Fast and resourceful seating arrangements
  • Comfort and optimum viewing for patrons

Recessed platforms are outfitted with upper and lower tracking guides, removable end rails, and can accommodate custom transition steps to the balcony when required.These systems can be customized to meet the ongoing and changing needs of your basketball facility while maximizing capacity. Automatic power options can also be added for easy operation.

To get a quote on installing recessed bleachers for your basketball facility, click here.

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Wooden Basketball Bleachers from Toadvine Enterprises

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jan 29, 2014 10:07:00 AM

bleacher seating in Louisville, ky

Wooden bleachers in a gymnasium convey a traditional, classic look, one of durability and rich construction. Wood bench bleacher seating is generally constructed of yellow pine lumber in a telescopic layout. Wood bleacher seating greatly enhances the appearance of any gym or facility.

Additional features of wooden seating includes:

  • Grade BB southern yellow pine wood
  • Laminated edges glued and finger jointed on wood boards for greater strength and durability
  • Standard wood thickness of 3/4"
  • Sides and edge boards finished on both sides
  • Seats and risers firmly secured to a welded seat support
  • Triple-sanded and sealed with moisture resistant urethane

To learn more or request a quote, click here and fill out our short form. Someone from Toadvine Enterprises will get back with you soon.

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Telescopic Basketball Bleachers from Toadvine Enterprises

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jan 22, 2014 10:32:00 AM

bleacher seating from toadvine enterprisesAfter a game of hoops, oftentimes facilities need to make space for another event. Telescopic gymnasium bleachers offer the best of both worlds. When your facility needs to open up your space for another sporting event, your bleacher system can retract into a compact storage position, maximizing the facility floor space. All rows move at once to a closed position and provide either a flat fold front or closed back, increasing usable floor space.

Telescopic bleachers in your basketball gymnasium can be installed with many options including:

  • Manual or electric friction operation
  • Forward-fold, reverse fold, and mobile systems
  • Floor-attached, wall attached, or recessed foundations
  • Self-storing, removable end rails
  • Self-storing, removable or folding aisle rails
  • Optional platform chairs

If you would like more information about the telescopic basketball bleachers from Toadvine Enterprises, contact us today and let us know how we can help.

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