Interkal Self Storing Aisle Rail (SSAR)

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jul 7, 2011 3:14:00 PM

Interkal LLC is a spectator seating company known for its design innovations as well as its ability to deliver products on time. Interkal has a rich history in spectator seating thanks to its dedicated employees and the fact that of all the products are made right here in the United States. Interkal's engineering advancements have also helped them be a top manufacturer of spectator seating. Because of this, Interkal has created the Self Storing Aisle Rail (SSAR), also known as the F-Rail because of its unique design.

Interkal's aisle rails are not your average rail sold by other suppliers. They're different from competitor products because the rail arms store away in the bleacher and do not protrude out into the “traffic” area when the bleachers are in the folded position. Other manufacturers “P-Rail arm” faces outward causing potential hazard to students and athletes when the bleachers are in the folded position.

The SSAR is also a money saver to your school! The SSAR rail is a one-time installment and there is never again any set-up time. This will free your staff from spending countless hours a year on set-up and take-down of aisle rails. The SSAR isn’t only for new Interkal bleachers, this rail can be retrofitted to all existing Interkal bleachers.

Check out pictures as well as a short video of the SSAR in action.

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