Creative Summer Sports for Kids

Posted by Matt Roberts

Jul 22, 2014 2:24:00 PM

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With kids out of school and vacations on the horizon, summertime brings a host of activity and a lot of hours to fill. For any parent with children at home this summer, you can be sure there is time for a lot of fun with friends, time spent at the pool, and outdoor sports taking place that fuel the ever exploding energy tank kids seem to have. But in an instant, when that activity starts to fade, the very predictable "I'm bored" phrase comes roaring out.

But there is a solution. A group of amateur sports enthusiasts have found a way to revive many old traditions and transform them into something recognizable, but completely different. You have probably never heard of most of these new "sports," but they are catching on as subcultures around the globe are organizing and promoting their uniqueness.


If you want to play Kronum, all you need is a circular field, roughly 70 yards across, a lot of stamina, and the ability to constantly swivel your head. Players come at you from every angle, and where you are on the field determines the amount of points you score by throwing the ball into either the mouth of the goal or one of the five crown "rings" lining the top of each one. This fast paced and challenging summer sport morphs a little rugby with the ranks of competitive soccer.


This co-ed sport is played with a mixture of unique element from rugby, dodgeball, and tag. Seven people make up a quidditch team who play with brooms between their legs at all times. Three chasers score goals worth 10 points each with a volleyball called the quaffle. The ball advances down the field by running it, passing it or kicking it. Each team has a keeper who defends their goal and two beaters who use dodgeballs to disrupt the flow of the game by knocking out the other players. Any player hit by the bludger (dodgeball) is out of play until they touch their own goal. Each team also has a snitch runner, a neutral athlete who uses any means to avoid capture. The snitch is worth 30 points and its capture ends the game.

Road Tennis

It's not totally official, but Barbados has been claiming this sport as its official inner-city neighborhood sport for years. Road tennis requires a long stretch of pavement, a table tennis net, paddles and a handball. Dating back 80 years, this sport has a rich history, now alluring veterans and new comers alike. With an outdoorsy pingpong feel, this sport will fill a void in your outdoor sporting regimen.

Circle-Rules Football

If you never really wanted to use your yoga ball when attempting yoga, this sports gives you a chance to break it out of the closet and actually have some fun with it. In Circle-Rules Football two teams head toward the same goal trying to score with a humongous sphere that's been known to bounce uncontrollably and without reason.

Blind Soccer

Yeah. That's right. Players in this game are actually playing by the official soccer rules, but with a face shield that covers their eyes. Players navigate a small field based on shouted instructions from the bench. A ball bearing inside the soccer ball also helps in echolocation. A skilled blind soccer player dribbles the the ball without it ever coming off of his foot. It may sound crazy dangerous, but if you think you need to be able to see to play soccer, watch these players in action. You have to "see it to believe it."

You don't have an "official" team to strike up most of these games, just a knowledge of the rules and a strong desire to be creative and spontaneous. So if your kids are moping around looking for something to do, check out the details on these creative twists on traditional sports and knock out summertime boredom.

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