KFC YUM! Center Named one of the Best Arenas and Stadiums in America by Rolling Stone Magazine

Posted by Matt Roberts

Nov 20, 2013 12:04:00 PM

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When it comes to arenas that rock, KFC Yum! Center not only rocks the music venue with top, highly-sought after artists, but it also rolls out the red carpet to the University of Louisville men's and women's basketball team and its massive host of fanatical spectators.

Built in 2010, the 22,090 seat, $238 million arena, home to the University of Louisville Cardinal basketball teams, was recently voted as one of the top 10 Venues that Rock, by Rolling Stone magazine.

Not only do last year's NCAA hoops champions call the Yum! Center home, but a full slate of big-name music headliners, including Taylor Swift, The Eagles, Carrie Underwood, Justin Bieber, and Bruce Springsteen have also graced the impressive stage of the Yum! Center, captivating long-time fans and rocking out the multipurpose facility.

Nestled on Main Street between 2nd and 3rd Streets, the backdrop of the Ohio River accentuates the glass facade of the building, along with the wavy interior ceilings and randomly splattered art which give it an inviting and modern feel. As the fifth largest college basketball arena in the nation, this facility displays modern technology at its finest. Developers integrated a scoring and video display system, which includes large LED video displays within the seating area, professional grade LCD screens, and a powerful control system.

Several other interesting features of the arena include:

4 miles of fiber optic cable

5 auxiliary locker rooms

7 acres of land on which facility is built

9 escalators

28 entry doors

44 exit doors

70 premium boxes

75 restrooms

411 total flat screen televisions (number includes 90 menu boards)

760 parking spaces in the facility garage

9,000 light fixtures

14,000 square footage in the grand lobby

17,500 seating capacity for end stage concerts

22,090 seating capacity for basketball and center stage concerts

33,926 total square footage of four meeting rooms

40,000 weight (in pounds) of the center-hung scoreboard

58,655 total square footage of exterior glass panels

721,762 total square footage

Former Courier Journal and Sports Illustrated writer Billy Reed says that the arena "was about providing every element of the city's culture — men and women, black and white, business and labor, rich and poor — with the opportunity to participate in a project that will revitalize the city's downtown and make the city a viable option for national tournaments and conventions, as well as the biggest show-business acts in the nation."

"It's a story of how Possibility City turned a dream into a magnificent reality," says Reed, who believes the center is a "blueprint for how a public project should be funded, planned, and executed." 

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